Vegan Restaurants In Split

Split Vegan Food

More and more tourists look for vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Split city. I can assure them that they won’t be disappointed. 

Split is a very veggie-friendly city and the trend seems to be growing. However, In the past Split city food scene consisted mainly of its traditional Mediterranean  meals. Regardless of that, no one can deny its extraordinary food quality. But things have changed.

Split’s food scene is in a full blossom. More and more vegan and vegetarian options are added, and some specialized places are also opened.  All over the city you can find  restaurant with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free menus.

Croatia isn’t the easiest place to be vegan in. But in spite of that, Split is the best choices for vegans looking for delicious food in Croatia. Even in Split, four or five years ago, there was no single place with – vegan options, not to speak about gluten free.

Today, I’m happy to say that the town has quickly adapted to tourist demands. So, here is a list of the best  places in Split where you can happily enjoy a meal at if you’re vegan, vegetarian or looking for gluten free food.

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Split

Vege Fast Food

Veggie fast food is located in the city center near Pazar green market. Although it’s classified as  a restaurant, it looks more as a kiosk. or typical fast food.  But no matter what, this place is very popular vegan spot.

Makes vegetables, basmati rice, integral pasta, veggie burger, soya steak, tofu and seitan sandwiches, burrito, pancakes, fruit salad, juice, and ice tea. Prices range from 20 Kuna for a vegetable salad to 50 Kuna for portion of integral pasta with tomato sauce and soya steak. 

Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool is a new falafel venue in Split, right in the city center. Located in Kralja Tomislava 4 street, it’s only few minutes fro Split old city.

It serves meat but vegan options is available. Falafel takeaway restaurant serving “green falafel” kebab wraps or salads. Also serves fries and house-made cocktails/drinks. Restaurant has a couple of seats available.

Daddy Cool vegan restaurant
Daddy Cool
Daddy cool falafels
Daddy Cool Falafel

This little gem that quickly became a hit among the locals, during the high tourist season, will be a big hit even among tourists. Visit their Facebook page. Don’t miss to tray their hummus bowl from 38 Kuna to 58 Kuna. In case you aren’t familiar with hummus, read more here!

Galerija Food

Galerija food serves meat, but also vegan options are available. This nice restaurant located in the very center with its garden is  one of the prettiest to enjoy hot summer days. Find your way to this place!

Galeriaja Food Bar

Their menu has one page of 4 with  vegan choices, including hemp noodles and dessert. Price range from 50 to 70 Kuna per person!


Although Upcafe is outside the city center, about 15 minutes from central Pazar green market, you have to try this place. Here you’ll find direction to this place! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian or eater, you’ll find here the good place for healthy eating. Many consider Upcafe best vegan/ veggies place in Split.

Upcafe vegan place

The have a wide offer with many vegan options. It’s a kind of deli-style bar. They have the vegan kebab and also the vegan tofu dish. The tofu burrito is particularly delicious with the falafel plate. They also serve kombucha,  black or green tea drink.

Prices are moderate. Considering that portions of the plate dishes are huge than price of 55 Kuna is a great value. The staff is very friendly and helpful but my advice is – ask before you order. This place was opened in 2011 by the owners of Makro Vega.


Ma-toni is one of the first restaurants in Split that caters vegan food, and so far it remains one of the best. In their menu they make sure they always have at least one vegan option.

In addition, most meals are gluten-free. Ma-Toni tries to use rotary menus that depends on the season. But, it may happen you won’t find all you like on their standard daily menu. I suggest to call them in advance at +385-21278457 or visit their website!

Ma-Toni vegan restaurant

One of popular veggie choices are for example raw lasagna with vegan ricotta and truffle sauce, vegan burger patties, seasonal salad with truffle sauce, vegan dessert made of cooked pear in chocolate sauce with vegan berry ice cream. All gluten free meals carry the label GF on the menu.

One of Ma-toni restaurant advantages isn’t only vegan friendly menu but its location. It’s located near the Bacvice beach. This makes them the perfect place for a bite and a swim! Get direction to this restaurant.

Maka Maka

Maka Maka recently opened its doors. If you are looking for a place that serves almost exclusively vegetarian and vegan food, then this place is for you. Find this place on the map! The place offers seats outside, and a lovely terrace around it. You can also sit inside.

Maka Maka Poke Bar

Many locals and more and more tourists consider this place the healthiest place you will visit in Split. If you are familiar with  poke pubs, you’ll  have the opportunity to try Maka Maka Poke Bowl. It’s one and only in Split.

Poke means “to cut or slice” in Hawaiian meaning to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and some (exotic ) sauces.

If you decide to visit it. try Poke Bowl with tofu. For desserts try fruit in acai bowls which look like ice cream but it’s basically a smoothie which is topped with oatmeal, some fruit or peanut butter. Don’t miss to try mojito or matcha – Japanese tea.

At Maka Maka you can build your own Poke Bowl. Prices range  from 7 to 13 Euro. I really recommend to visit this place, and to taste something different after so much pasta or meat.

MARTA Veggie fusion

Marta’s Veggie fusion has been around for some time. It’s always rather crowned place. It’s a great place for vegan food lovers located in the center of Split. Follow this direction!

Marta's Veggie Fusion

Marta’s offers a breakfast & dinner menu. Food includes curries, soups, burgers, juices, detox teas, craft beer, sauces and other things. There are also gluten-free options available! If I were you I would order their beetroot burger. It’s almost legendary among customers.

Luka Ice Cream

Best ice cream on our stay in Split, Croatia Friendly staff and fresh delicious different flavours each day! They have excellent ice cream and cakes.

Luka ice cream

They declare to have vegan ice cream options. But, I recommend to check it before you order. I heard that only vega option is fruit sorbets. I was told that the cones were not vegan. 

Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.In conclusion, you’ll find good ice cream quality, but vegan options are very rare.

As an alternative try Gelateria Spalato, homemade ice cream. They have gluten free ice cream options, but also delicious gluten free cones. It’s located on Riva promenade. Get your direction here!

Kat's Kitchen deli

If you are looking for vegan breakfast Ket’s kitchen is the right place to visit. It is located in old Varos district, in Marja Hill area, ten minutes walk from the old town. Many consider this place the healthiest place you will visit in Split. Get direction here!

Ket Kitchen Deli

This spot offers all types of food diets from  flexitarian, vegan, vegetarian and paleo. Outside seating area is formed as an urban garden that forms a peaceful green oasis. Prices fit the quality of the food.


It’s a typical sandwich shop with vegan sandwich and salad options. The food and drinks are really cheap, but the quality is amazing. Vereterian salad ( fresh cucumbers, tomato, fresh pepper,  green lettuce, choice of cheese cream (sheep cheese), house dressing for 47 Kuna.

Pikanterija Food Bar

Address: Ulica kralja Tomislava 3. t’s open from 10 AM to 10 PM. Get directions!


Health Food Stores

Besides many vegan option restaurants and bars, Split offers also many shops selling certified organic products: vegetarian and vegan food as well as gluten-free and lactose-free products.


This shop located near Pazar – green market, very easy to find it, makes part of Bio&Bio chain shops outspread all over Croatia. There are three shops in Split. I chose the one very close to city center, known as Bio&Bio – Morpurgova street. Find direction here!

Bio&Bio Shop

It’s a great little shop for all your vegan needs. Here you’ll find vegan yogurt and granola for breakfasts, including tofu wraps and about 20 different types of seitan. You can buy everything you need, snacks, chips, chocolate, fruit and vegetable, pasta, cold drinks, beauty products, vitamins and many more.

Prices are a bit high as most specialised health food stores. One of the reason is that most products are imported. Another place I recommend is City Center One, a big shop market in Vukovarska Street 207.

To get there there are public bus lines – Bus line N°18 (to City Center one Split), bus line N°3 (to Lovrinac), and bus line N°6 (to Kila).