Top Split Fast Food Places

Split fast food

If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, Split fast food secrets and places will be a great help. Fast  food restaurants are a primary source of food for a lot of travelers these days.

On this page, I’m going to help you find top street food places. It will be useful for travelers on the go wishing to spend more time outside when they need of a quick and cheap bite.

It isn’t a secret that even Split has its McDonald’s but I don’t want to talk about French fries, big Mac or Chicken Nuggets. There are places in Split that attract street food lovers, both locals and tourists. But it’s more important to eat something authentic there.

I don’t agree as Frank About Croatia says that 90% of the Split restaurants serve the same menu. Meals like a grill, pizza, pasta or risotto are common everywhere. For example, even in Rome it’s the same thing. 

Split offers its own special fast and street food. You’ll have occasion to taste healthy on the run snacks. What’s more important they aren’t just common stuffs like hot dogs, hamburgers or plain sandwiches.

I’ve done some researches in advance to find same fast food activities that aren’t just a traditional McDonald’s replica. They should be prepared from local foods ingredients with only one condition: it must be honestly prepared.

Split Fast Food On The Go

If you’ve got a busy day ahead  and want to grab something quick, than do as the locals do. Head to the nearest bakery and order a savory breakfast made of traditional pastry, called BUREK.

Burek a greasy pastry

Burek, is very popular breakfast meal. It’s a kind of heavy pastry made of layers of dough stuffed with cheese or meat. Don’t miss to combined it with yogurt. Yogurt is always creamy and delicious. If you had a hangover night, there is no better heal than yogurt.

Though, in Split you can try burek in many places, there are some must go burek establishments in Split. One of the oldest is ST Burek, abbreviated for ‘Split Burek’. ST Burek is located at Domaldova ul. 13. Find direction?

ST Burek

They serve all kinds of burek from classic cheese to meat, spinach, and apple. Prices range from 14 to 25 Kuna.

Top Split Fast Food Places

Karamela is another place for burek hunters. Try both spinach and with meat. They offer also home made desserts. Find direction!

If burek is not for you, Split offers a variety of fast food enterprises that have nothing to do with traditional burgers and sandwiches menu. 

If you are looking for a good snack while you are walking the old town, you can try some local and cheap specialties like:

  • Soparnik (a thin double-crust pizza filled with spinach or blitva (chard).
  • Viska pogaca, a focaccia type pie from the island of Vis with anchovies, onion and tomato.
  • Cevapi or Cevapcici – grilled beef and pork balls with onions served in a thin roll called lepinja with ajvar (a relish of red peppers, with garlic)..

Split Fast Food With Local Diversity

Kod None fast food
Kod None - a fast food enterprise
Top Split Fast Food Places

Cavap is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of kebab, found traditionally in the countries of the Balkan peninsula. They are served of 5-10 pieces in a flatbread, often with chopped onions, sour cream, kajmak, ajvar, cottage cheese, minced red pepper and salt.

Where To Eat In Split?

Soparnik is an old-fashioned Dalmatian dish dating before the Turks invaded the region. It is a simple dish made by filling double side dough with Swiss chard, onions, parsley, garlic and olive oil. Vegetarian travelers will like it!

Top Split Fast Food Places
Viska pogaca

Viska pogaca, or Viska pie from the island of Vis, is a type of baked bread pie, similar to focaccia filled with anchovies or salty fish, onions and depending on which part of the island, tomatoes.

Kantun Paulina

Kantun Paulina street food

If you are happen to be in Matosica street N°1 in Split, you can not help but notice this small eatery. It’s name Kantun means ‘At the corner’ and it represents the icon of Split street food. Find direction

Forty years of experience and the almost unchanged taste of their cavapcici, makes Kantun the best place for cavapcici. If you add the price for around 22 Kuna than it’s the N 1 place.

A Good Sandwich Is In A Good Bread.

Rizzo sandwich on the go

If you like sandwiches than Rizzo is a first sandwich bar and now has four locations in Split. They prepare an excellent homemade sandwiches using fresh locally made bread.

You can choose between a variety of  style sandwiches with prosciutto, fish, mushroom and vegetarian. Rizzo has sandwiches of two sizes: big, and small. Prices range from from 12 to 20 Kuna depending on stuffing. For more info visit their website. Find how to reach this fast food bar!

Pikanterije Bar with juicy stories

Pikanterije is a food bar which offers traditional Croatian sandwiches with natural ingredients mostly of Croatian origin. They don’t  contain any flavor enhancer or artificial color.

Pikanterija Food Bar

All sandwich ingredients are homemade and fresh.Their sandwiches have interesting names, each of them telling a different story. For example, Diocletian, tartufata, summer, pikanterija, gušt (tasty), adriatic, piccolo, vegan, plac. 

To know more about this place, visit their website. Discover how to get there. Prices are around 40 Kuna.

Misto - Food Street Factory

In this street food factory, there are no common, hot dogs, or usual hamburgers or hot sandwiches. Here you can order a sandwich, but there will be, for example, with a grilled oatmeal and roast beef, beef tail.

Misto Food Street Factory

I recommend a sandwich with the famous meal in this region – stuffed peppers. There is a homemade tomato sauce with pasta, if you like. And, this is the only place where you can order pašticada served in a sandwich!  

Misto has become very popular street food place. Find direction to Misto. Prices are approximately around 70 Kuna. 

Trattoria Bajamont Lunch on the run

Just inside the Iron Gate one of Diocletian palace gates, you will come across this centuries-old restaurant. Officially is called Bajamont Trattoria, but it’s better known as ‘under the clock’. It’s located just under the Piaca Square Clock.  

Trattoria Bajamont

It may seem little shabby place at  first glance but it the best place selling fresh fish, freshly grilled, along with Dalmatian wine or beer. It’s also a place where the owner won’t be able to tell you the next day’s menu. All depends on fish catch of the next day.

It is also a good choice for dinner, offering historic ambience and excellent value in a very touristy location. I usually order a portion of fried smelts on the go.

Toto's Burger Bar

If you really can’t do without Big Mac burgers and sandwiches, Split McDonalds is inside the Joker shopping center. For your info a common meal at McDonald’s costs from 30 to 37 Kuna.

Toto Burger Bar
Toto's Burger Bar

However, Split has a special place for hamburgers lovers. Toto bar is nevertheless the primary address for lovers of diverse and imaginative hamburgers. It’s located along the Riva promenade, Trumbiceve Obala 2

Using  homemade beef, fresh tomatoes, unavoidable acid cucumber with a bite of bacon, chicken and mozzarella, their burgers are ‘must try’. With the burger there are also “tsunami sandwiches”, skewers with shrimps, tuna or chicken salads.

This bar also offers vegetarian burgers (available in gluten free) and classic vegetable salads. Prices range from 36 to 58 Kuna.

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