Split Restaurant Prices Overview

Split Restaurant Prices Overview

On this page, I’m going to talk about Split restaurant prices trends in the upcoming tourist season. However, even for me as a local, it’s not that easy to predict with accuracy what will be the prices range. 

From my experience, most of visitors look for a single meal price. They usually seek for a reasonably priced restaurants in Split city. Couples are normally on the lookout for romantic restaurants with three-course meals. 

In order to answer these questions, let me give you at least some hints on the price range. This will be useful to keep in mind when you want to have lunch or dinner.

The first advice concerns the restaurants position. Those near the famous city attraction points tend to be generally more expensive. Restaurants along  Riva promenade, Peristyle square, Marmont’s street or around  Republic Square (Prokurativa), keep the prices higher.  But food is not necessarily better.

On the other side, there are restaurants away from the Old Town where you will eat enjoying the magnificent view but you will pay more. But unfortunately even there the food isn’t always of the best quality.

Contents for Split restaurant prices:

Fine Dining in Split With Fabulous Views

If you are looking for a restaurant with both an excellent food and drink in combination with a special romantic atmosphere, here are some of the most idyllic restaurants around Split town.

Split, being the city facing the sea, your first wish will be to find a Mediterranean setting with a view of the sea and nearby  islands. It is not often you can combine a delightful view with excellent food. But some of them really offer both.

Restaurant Zrno Soli

Split Restaurant Prices Overview

Restaurant Zrno Soli (Grain of Salt) is a stylish fish restaurant with tables overlooking the yacht marina. During summer period always make a reservation at least two days in advance otherwise you will not find an empty table. 

The menu is wide-ranging, the fresh seafood is always top level, but all the dishes on the menu are very good. Only observation are the prices which are at least 20% higher than in other restaurants in Split. But, considering its position, Zrno Soli will not disappoint you.

It’s also important to point out excellent wine list, both local and international brands. Price range from 200 Kuna per person. How to get to Zrno Soli?

Kadena Restaurant

View from Kadena restaurant

If you are looking for romantic fine dining this restaurant is the iconic place to visit. It boasts fabulous views over Zenta Marina towards the nearby islands. Menus offer several courses from 280 Kuna to 330 Kuna.

This is a very serious restaurant with great food (fish and meat options are both excellent) and rich wine list. Service is very good and interior is very nice designed. This is for sure one of top 5 restaurant in Split. Find out how to reach it!

Price range from 110 Kuna per person.

Dvor Restaurant

Dvor restaurant

Another restaurant located at Firule beach area with outstanding view overlooking the sea. This restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine & traditional Dalmatian dishes prepared on high level. Very good dressed/ seasoned grilled steaks and tasty creamy soups and risottos.

It’s 10 minutes walking from city centre you can have your peacefully and romantic dinner  enjoying the most beautiful view by the best service. Here’s the restaurant on the map!

Dvor is a fine dining restaurant but also popular for its coffee and dessert veranda where all tables have sea view. It offers various choice of blue and white fish and al dente creamy risotto. 

Prices range from 230,00 Kuna per person including drinks.

Re di mare

Re del Mare

Re di Mare (King of Sea) is another popular restaurant with beautiful sea view. It’s located on the northern side of Marjan Hill, near popular Bene, Split beach.

The main restaurant menu is seafood, pasta, meat and pizza. Among specialties they offer marinades and carpaccio of fresh seasonal fish (part of a cold plate), and homemade pasta with octopus, fish soup and grilled meat.  Awesome food, great location to watch an amazing sunset.

Restaurant is situated in Spinut, city’s district and it’s half an hour’s walk from the city center. These is also a bus N° 17 (Bene). You should get off at the last stop.

Even, it isn’t a touristic type of restaurant, you’ll find a good balance of value and price. Price range from 90 Kuna per person. 

Zoi restaurant

ZOI restaurant

If you are judging a restaurant by its position and view, than Zoi restaurant is unrivaled.  A unique experience in a 1700-year-old setting where history, passion and food come together. 

This elegant restaurant is looking over Riva Split seaside promenade offering excellent food combined with breathtaking location. Zoi is a relaxing high end restaurant serving Mediterranean.

The staff are super caring and very professional without being pushy. Whilst the place is newly opened in the renovated space of the old Roman palace walls in Split city centre, the view and atmosphere from the terrace is fantastic.

Although the prices are higher than normal, I highly recommend this place. Price range from 80 to 250 Kuna per person. 

Bajamonti Restaurant

Bajamonti Restaurant

Located in the Prokurative Square, Bajamonti is another restaurant with sea view. It was  named after Split’s former mayors who built a theater in 1859. This is combination of restaurant and cafe bar serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It offers traditional Mediterranean meat and fish dishes. You can even pick a lobster of your choice from the fish tank! Flowers always decorate each of the tables based on the season and they also hold various concerts, wine tastings and exhibitions.

Due to its popular location, Bajamonti belongs to mid range restaurants with prices that range from 80 to 450 Kuna.

Inside the Diocletian's palace

Split restaurant prices tend to be more higher than outside the Palace’s walls. However, considering their position and ancient chic, they worth every extra penny. I propose you two restaurants within ancient walls. 

Diocletian’s Wine House

Diocletian wine house restaurant

Diocletian’s Wine House is a restaurant on the ground floor of heritage hotel Diocletian. Obviously it’s not one with sea view places but sitting  between 1700 years old walls, it’s going to be a unique enjoyment.

Great interior decoration, a perfect position, is just one of the reasons why you should enjoy the traditional Dalmatian food here. Amazing traditional meals made in a modern way by their chefs.

Whatìs more, it’s the best place to sit there after the whole day exploring the city, having a glass of wine. thinking of the glorious history of this palace. Price range from 200 Kuna (for a dinner per person without drinks). Find direction to get there!

Gallery food bar

Galeriaja Food Bar

Maybe, it’s doesn’t look like a luxury restaurant but when warm days are in Split, this is a right place to be. When restaurants open their gardens, one of the prettiest to enjoy those summer days is definitely Galerija food bar. Find you way to this restaurant!

It is a restaurant with old Dalmatian dishes located in the heart of the Diocletian’s Palace. They offer  traditional Dalmatian dishes of fresh, seasonal and local vegetables. Vegetarians will find meals based on seitan and tofu.

Food is never prepared before and it won’t stand for hours waiting for its guest. So, you will always have a fresh meal! Galerija food bar is an ideal place for breakfast, a light lunch or a romantic dinner!

Price range from 70 Kuna per person!

Brasserie on 7 Riva Promenade

Brasserie on 7 restaurant

Brasserie on 7 restaurant occupies a central position on the Split famous seaside promenade.The main concept of this elegant restaurant is to turn from daily café serving  bar into an evening exclusive restaurant with a rather more complex menu.

Brasserie offers a delicious breakfast at a reasonable price. You’ll have a choice from typical English breakfast with French bread with caramelized banana, ribbon and cinnamon.

Lunch is dedicated to seafood delicacies such as smoked salmon or octopus salad. Meat lovers can taste, for example, the gourmand angus beef with mushrooms. carefully selected wine list.

The evening menu offers a more complex offer such as lamb dumplings with rosemary and yoghurt or pork tenderloin in the herbs and almonds. All these delights can be accompanied with some of the fine wines with a carefully selected wine list.

In conclusion, a delicious lunch, romantic dinner or a regular coffee break, Brasserie on 7 is a place for both. Price range from 110 Kuna per person. Visit their website for more info!


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