Split In Spring

Riva promenade

If you have ever thought about visiting Split in spring, I assure you won’t be wrong. So, is it worth to be in Split in spring period?  This period covers three months, from April to June, usually described as a low season.

During springtime in Split, the city changes completely. Only in a month the whole city starts blooming, weather is getting better and better and winter cold is almost forgotten.

Some good reasons to be in Split in Spring

Most of the tourists don’t  include this period as a part of their holidays planning. This particularly concern families with children as  the school year is in full swing and they can’t plan their holidays before mid-June.

If you are not tied to school holidays, the best time to visit Croatia is during spring particularly in May or June. In spite of those facts, there is still a conviction that summer is the best season to be in Split. I do agree with this opinion but only partly and after I present you several good reasons you won’t have any excuse not to come.


The average high temperature in March is 13.7 C° (56.7 F°) while in April is 17.4 C° (63-3 F°). Average rainy days in March are 10, in April 9. The difference between these spring months are more evident in number of sunshine hours, in March 186.8  (more than 7 days) while April is sunnier with 217.2 hours ( more than 9 days). 

Spring brings rapid warming, and the average lowest temperature in May exceeds 15 °C (59 °F), while the maximums are regularly above 20 °C (68 °F). The climate is exceptional, with sunshine, balmy temperatures and low rainfall. It is not quite beach weather as the water is still rather brisk  but the sun is already warm to begin your summer tan. More weather details you can find on Split weather page.

Nature Environment

Spring in Split is the right moment to enjoy the nature in its full beauty. It is time to enjoy the full blossoming of nature, whether in Split or in its closest vicinity. Walk around town, discover its hidden parts, take a cycle tour or jog around Marjan forest park. If you are more inspired, you can go hiking on nearby Mosor and Kozjak mountains.

If  you are visiting Split Croatia in May and you want to open your swimming season than Bacvice sandy beach with its shallow water will be more suitable as it warms faster than other Split’s beaches. It’s also my favorite beach where I used to open swimming season, usually on 1st of May.

Bacvice sandy beach
Local food

If you plan to be in Split in springtime, prepare to savor all culinary joys that spring brings.  After winter period, it’s a great pleasure to experience Split’s springtime delicacies. I suggest you to take a walk around open green or fish market in spring.

Split offers their own springtime varieties that only can be found on bustling green market with colorful fruits and vegetables. Only there you can find fresh wild asparagus, green onion, artichokes, young peas or fava beans that local vendors brings daily, as a century-old tradition. It is a joy for the eyes and palate.

You shouldn’t worry if you don’t have a place to cook. It’s enough to visit one of many local restaurants whose owners supply exclusively from local market. I’m sure you’ll enjoy spring in Split even more, knowing you can eat authentic food outdoor.

Getting to Split

I have already noticed that in winter period Split suffers from the lack of flights. Even this will be improved in spring. Already from late March many season flights will be open to and from Split, from most of European countries. Even if you don’t chose to fly to Split and like better driving, it’s much easier in spring time.