Split Croatia map

Despite of the fact that Split city is of the medium size, I’m convinced, Split Croatia map, will certainly facilitate your first time visit of this city.

I believe that presenting different maps of city’s parts, will give a visitor an useful indication what will be the priorities, a tourist must visit first.

Split Croatia map

If you take a quick glimpse on ‘where’s Split‘ page, it is evident its geographical position of well-known importance as a giant transportation hub for all local and international (from/to Italy) ferry connections.

In addition to its prominent maritime position, Split has very important airport situated in the immediate vicinity. For this reason, a map of the airport will undoubtedly be very useful.

Split city as every city in the world has some part that a first time visitor should add as ‘must be seen’. Obviously this first off all refers to the old city, better known as the Diocletian Palace.

Split Croatia map by city zones

City harbor area

No matter whether you are coming to or departing from Split city, you’ll inevitably find yourself in Split’s  most hectic zone.

This is city’s harbor area, the point where all buses, trains, ferries and airport transfers arrive.It is the busiest and most chaotic points of this typical Mediterranean city. it is a typical hive especially in the period of July and August.

Split Croatia map
Split harbor map with train, ferry and bus station
Split Airport to Split Harbour Map
Split Croatia map
From Split Airport to city habor map

If you are getting to Split city by plain, the below map visually presents the airport location and distance from it to Split Harbor.

The cheapest and easiest way to go from Split Airport to Split Port is to take an airport bus (split airport schedule bus) which gets you off at Obala Lazareta. It is just a short walk from ferry port. See the map above!

Old Town Split City Map

The most important and most visited part of Split old town is Diocletian Palace complex. Below map indicates the exact location of the oldest city area with Diocletian Palace. On the map you can clearly see the old town map from Riva promenade and four main entrance gates, Bronze, Iron, Silver and Golden gate.

Split Croatia map
Image of Split old city with Diocletian Palace
Split Croatia map
Diocletian Palace with four entrance gates
Marjan Hill Map

Every time you want to take a break from the hectic lifestyle of the city is enough to take a pleasant walk to Marjan Hill forest.

It has always been a favorite place for walking, running, jogging, climbing or riding a bike.  I vigorously recommend to take some time to visit this magnificent natural park and I hope you’ll find this map helpful.

Split Croatia map
Marjan Hill Park Forest Map