Podstrana Split

Podstrana Split Riviera

Welcome to Podstrana Split! It is not without reason that I chose Podstrana Split Riviera. I’ll try to prove you why I consider this small tourist town, the most appropriate small Riviera for couples and families with children but not only.

First, let’s see where this small town is? It belongs to the Split-Dalmatia County. It is located southeast from the city of Split and it’s about 7 km away from Split city center.  It  lies at the foot of the Perun hill with the highest peak of 533 meters.

Podstrana was from the earliest times an attractive place to live. Its first known inhabitants were the Illyrians, members of the Dalmatian tribes.

At the end of first century BC the Romans founded a settlement in this picturesque area called Pituntium. With arrival of Croats to these territories new settlements started to sprout out.  To know more about this picturesque town, visit their official website!

Podstrana Split Map

What makes Podstrana Split so important when visiting Split Croatia?

It may seem inadequate to compare Split city with this small town but my intention is to demonstrate practical aspects of choosing Podstrana.

I’ve always been of the opinion that visiting Split is not enough one or two days, but at least a week.  It’s  true that during the high season (July and August)  Split becomes very overwhelming and chaotic.

It also becomes very hot and sticky. Beaches turns to be over crowded. That’s way the only way to avoid this mess is to choose accommodation in Podstrana.

But, why Podstrana?  Here are just some of the benefits of this little municipality:

  • First of all the vicinity of Split (only 7 km).
  • Excellent local bus connections.
  • Beautiful sandy and pebble beaches.
  • Natural beauty of centuries-old countryside.
  • Cheaper and a great choice of accommodation.
  • The best place for family friendly hotels.
  • Possibility to combine cultural and active holidays.

Getting To Podstrana Split

If you are arriving to Podstrana by car via the highway you should exit the highway in Dogopolje Exit and then follow signs to Split and later Omis. From the highway exit there is about 15 km to Podstrana.

  1. Split Airport is only 27 km to Podstrana.
  2. Distance from Split center to Podstrana is 11 km .

Split and Podstrana have an excellent network of bus connections. If you’re traveling by car, I recommend to leave it in Podstrana (most hotels offer free parking) and taking the bus into Split avoiding the worst problem in Split (a parking place).

The most frequent bus lines from Split to Podstrana and back, are:

  • Bus number 60 connecting Split, Stobrec, Podstrana, Dugi Rat and Omis, every 30 minutes.
  • Bus number 30 Split-Mutogras-Split, every 30 minutes.
  • Most important bus stations in Split are
    Pazar (Green market) and HNK (Croatian National Theatre).
  • One-way ticket price for an adult is 13 kn (Podstrana makes part of zone 2).
  • I suggest to buy Karnet tickets (two-way tickets) which cost 17 kn.

Podstrana Accommodtion


Le Meridien Lav

This is Podstrana luxury 5 stars hotel, a short drive from Split and Omis.

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