Ferry To Split From Italy

Ferry to Split from Italy is one of the quickest way to reach Croatia. With 1185 islands along the coast, the ferry network is the most common way to access islands and coastal towns.

To visit Croatia coming from Italy, you can use several ferry connections:

All ships on these routes are carrying cars, trucks, buses, caravans and motor bicycles. All have very comfortable cabins of all sizes or comfortable armchairs

On the route from Italy to Split operates two ferry (cars and passengers) companies:

Ferry To Split From Italy

Jadrolinija is Croatia’s largest state shipping company. It’s a company  with a hundred year long tradition. The company possesses three  spacious car ferries:

  • Marko Polo
  • Dubrovnik
  • Zadar

All three boats operate on the international lines from Italy (Ancona and Bari) to Croatia. With 34 smaller car-ferries, 4 classic passenger ships and 10 catamarans sail on the regular local car ferry and ship lines.

Jadrolinija Marko Polo ferry
SNAV Italian ferry company

SNAV is Italian shipping company. It’s leading company in the Mediterranean sea. SNAV fleet keeps connections all over the Mediterranean sea. The most important lines are from Italy to Greece and Croatia.

With SNAV Ancona-Split cruise ferries, you can reach Dalmatia quickly and safely. The main ferry line is from Ancona to Split. The capital of Dalmatia, Split, is the ideal destination for those who are looking for a departure point to reach all nearby islands such as Hvar (Stari Grad), Brac and Vis.

SNAV ferry to Spit

Ferry to Split from Italy booking engine

To visit Split coming from Italy, you can use ferry connections from Ancona, as well ferries from Bari(Italy) to Dubrovnik and from Ancona to reach Zadar.

The search engine below is very easy to use if you are looking for International Croatia connection timetable. You’ll find one in English and Italian language, as Italian tourists usually use these ferry lines for their holidays.

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