Drinking In Split – Water-Wine Combinations

I won’t talk about what kind of wine, locals drink. There will be no talk about beer, even beer has become very popular in Split Croatia. Not a word about famous Rakija (brandy) will be mentioned.

But If you are curious or impatient, in this article, I’ll talk about drinks in a water-wine combinations. There is an old saying that mixing wine with water is a sin.

I personally drink wine without mixing it with water, but in Split Croatia there is a habit to use it with mineral, tap water, or soda water. All these combinations have different name:

Drinking in Split – Špricer, Gemišt and Bevanda

Drinking In Split - Water-Wine Combinations


It’s an alcoholic drink – a cocktail made with a mixture of white or rose wine and soda water. The name itself comes from the German verb ‘spritz’, which means a spray or injection.
It’s prepared of half a glass of wine where is added soda or siphon water. It’s used usually white wine that has to be very chilled.

Drinking In Split - Water-Wine Combinations


It’s very similar to Špricer but instead of soda water, the white wine is mixed (half and half) with mineral water.
My advice to use Radenska mineral water which is considered the best with this kind of drink. The best if used with chilled wine.

Drinking In Split - Water-Wine Combinations


The third wine-water combination is Bevanda (Italian word for a drink). Bevanda is a mixture (normally half and half) of wine and tap water. It’s used white or red wine. It’s usually served table wine.

Drinking In Split - Water-Wine Combinations

Soda water

Drinking In Split - Water-Wine Combinations

Mineral water

Common rules
All of three water-wine combinations should have a little alcohol. Ideal if up to 12 percent of alcohol. Wine should be of lighter aroma and with moderate fine acids. For these drinks there are three rules: that it is cold, that you are in good company and that you are eating warm meals.

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