Best Beaches In Split

Best Split beaches
Best Beaches In Split

Many travelers have no idea about beaches in Split Croatia. The most of them are just passing through on the way to one of Dalmatian islands. They don’t know that Split has many beautiful beaches.

Here is my personal guide to Split Croatia beaches. I’ll help you find the most popular beaches whether you are looking for sandy, pebble or rocky ones. 

First,  to reach any of the beaches, you need to get acquainted with their amenities and transportation information, sea water quality, temperature, winds and many more. Every beach in Split is in its own way special and it won’t be difficult to find your favorite one.

Split Beaches Ratings

Swimming and tanning lovers will love Split city beaches. The beaches are especially convenient for families with young children as the most of them offer an easy approach.

The sea water on Split beaches is very clean and calm, without tides, under water currents or high waves. You must not be afraid of sharks as they do not exist.

If you would like to know in advance about sea water quality on Split beaches or anywhere along Croatia’s coast line or islands, visit Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (located at Marjan forest park) to check the sea bathing quality assessment on all Split principal beaches.

The sea temperature is comfortably warm from mid May to mid October but chilly in the spring. The winds particularly Mistral (Croatian  Maestral ) is a pleasant summer wind that guarantees a beautiful and stable weather.

Map - Beaches in Split

If you examine carefully above map, you’ll notice that Split beaches stretch in the two branches:

  • Starting from Bacvice beach to the east, in the length of 10 km, there are numerous beaches (sandy, gravel, rocky) that stretch one after another all the way to Podstrana Riviera.
  • In the west part of Split old city palace, on the southern slopes of Marjan forest hill, you can enjoy a few extraordinary beaches.

The Best Southeast Beaches In Split

Split in July and August can be awfully hot and sticky particularly when you are waiting for your ferry in Split port. Luckily, Split city offers an urban beach where you can find a perfect place to cool off.

Not everyone knows that only 6 minutes walk from the Split harbor, there is  the most popular city sandy beach – Bacvice.

bacvice beach picigin game

Bacvice beach with its shallow waters it’s a nearest place to survive on Split hot days. It’s a rather crowded beach but only taking a shower or a cold beer in one of the many bars, will help you cool off.

Bacvice beach is the best party beach where parting doesn’t even start before midnight and lasts until morning with half a dozen bars and clubs open.

Have you ever tried night swimming? Bacvice beach with its shallow water and sandy bottom is the the right place for romantic swimming under the stars. It’s worth a try!

Each year Bacvice beach  is a stage of Split Beach Festival. This year festival under the name Sand of Freedom will take place in August but you should check the dates here!

Strolling from Bacvice beach you will find more beaches like Ovcice beach: a small pebble beach with a playground for children including a trampoline. There are some nice restaurants nearby.

Ovcice pebbel beach

Only 5 minutes further from this beach, there is another sandy beach Firule, a popular family friendly beach with shallow sea.

Firule Family beach

Next beach from Firule is Trstenik, a pebble beach, located in the same named Split district. This district offers Radisson Blu Resort, an amazing luxurious Spa Center with its own hotel beach.

Trstenik beach

Znjan beach is a new entry among beaches in Split. In fact there is a stretch of almost 1 km long with several separated bays with pebble and rocky beaches, and one sandy beach.

Znjan family beach

This stretch of beaches have  become the most popular resort for families with children. The offer  clean and crystal sea but what’s more important, a lot of parking spaces.

There are few beaches where it’s possible for your pet to go swimming. Those who leave their pets out on the streets before going on holiday can no longer justify that cruel act by saying that they cannot go anywhere with them in Croatia.

Duilovo dog beach

Split offers few beaches dedicated to our most faithful friends – dogs. One of very well organized and equipped is Duilovo Dog Beach.

How To Get There?

All southeast beaches in Split are easily reachable from any Split city point. A good local bus network  covers all these beaches. On Split Croatia city map page you can get more info that will help you moving around the city.

Almost all southeast beaches in Split like Bacvice, Ovcice and Firule are easily reachable on foot. More distant beaches are reachable by local buses. The best bus station is Trznica (Main Split Open Market) where you can take a bus connection to following beaches:

  • To reach Znjan beach take – Line N° 8 – Žnjan – Tržnica – Zvončac – Tržnica – Žnjan (take this bus from Trznica (Green Market opposite Silver Gate) bus stop.

  • To reach Trstenik beach –  Line N°17 from Trznica (Green Market opposite Silver Gate) bus stop.

  • To reach Duilovo beachLine N° 15 Duilovo-Žnjan-Tr.luka-Duilovo. This bus stops  much closer to the Znjan beach. Ask the driver for more info.
  • For all city bus lines check this bus lines map!

Marjan Forest Hill Beaches In Split

Marjan hill, Split city symbol offers few beautiful beaches. All beaches at the foot of this green hill are less frequented and crowded beaches.

Marjan hill boasts with a long coastline , with three sides surrounded by the sea shore . The most of Marjan peninsula beaches are situated on the southern side looking to Solta island.

The first one and my favorite is Jezinac beach located in Meje elite Marjan hill district. It’s quite isolated from city noise, only 2 miles from the old Split center.

It’s a pebble beach, with showers and changing cabins. There is also bar and  restaurant. It’s very popular beach among locals and youngsters that like rock jumping from nearby rocks.

Jezinac beach

Only few minutes from Jezinac beach, there is another nice pebble beach called Kastelet or Obojana Svjetlost (colored light), a popular romantic/lovers place (It used to be even when I was younger).

Best Beaches In Split

In a series of beautiful beaches on the south side of Marjan hill, the next one is Kasjuni beach one of most beautiful with a rich pine forest. Nested in a large bay you can find all kinds of beaches, partly pebble, rocky and even small sandy beach.

Kasuni beach

Bene beach is the only Marjan hill beach located on the northern side of Marjan peninsula. It’s a popular local people’s beach. It’s a concrete beach but entrance to the sea is pebble or sand, surrounded by a thick pine forest.

Bene rocky beach