Adrenaline Adventures In Split

Split adrenaline adventures

Split adrenaline adventures are a great way to enhance your holidays in Croatia. Especially  when simply sunbathing and swimming is no longer enough.

For most travelers the word ‘holidays’ is a synonym for relaxing on a beach with a refreshing drink, and cooling yourself off with an occasional swim.

For those who prefer to add a dose of adrenaline to their monotonous holiday vacations, I have prepared some daily tours with unforgettable experiences in a unique natural setting.

When staying in Split, you are less than an hour’s away from the most unique natural destinations and exciting outdoor activities.

If you decide to escape for a day into the intact nature than just follow my adventures suggestions. Environments around Split offer a lot of possibilities for for an exciting day in nature.

Nearby mountains, islands and rivers are ideal place to practice some of extreme adventures. All these places are not more than 30 km away from the city center.

The most exciting adrenaline adventures

  1. Split Rafting Tours – Rafting from Split to the river Cetina.
  2. Split Zipline Tours – Experience Adrenaline Zipline.
  3. Split Canoe & Kayak Tours –  tours around Marjan Hill.
  4. Water sports and adventures – snorkeling and water soloing.
  5. Panoramic flights – Split Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours.
  6. Split Racing & Driving – ATV Quad safari from Split and buggy adventures.
  7. More Split Outdoor adventures – Hiking, Climbing and Riding.

Cetina River Rafting

White water rafting

Rafting is an amazing experience, and the canyon of the river Cetina is a perfect place to practice it. This is the closest river suitable for rafting, which is situated about 30 km from Split. 

The most of agencies organize several rafting tours, and provides transportation from Split. In that case there is no problem if you don’t have a car.

There are about 12 km long torrents you’ll have to surpass. It will take you about 3 to 4 hours to complete. You will pass lots of rapids, and enjoy sceneries of beautiful waterfalls, cliffs and amazing flora and fauna.

Split Zipline Tours

Zipline tours

There are several Ziplines in the region of Split for you to enjoy! Ziplining is an amazing experience and you are guaranteed to have a good time regardless of which one you decide on.

  • The first zipline and the most popular is the one situated in Omis. It consists of 8 wires with the total length of 2100 meters.
  • The second zipline is situated in the canyon of the river Cikola, near the village Drnis, one hour driving from Split. It has 3 lines of total length of 1400 meters.
  • The third one is situated only about 30 minutes from city center, on the mountain Kozjak. It has 6 ziplines of total length of 2500 meters.

Split Canoe & Kayak Tours

Sea Kayaking is a very popular and the most attractive activity in Split. Many tours are being organized from May to October. Most of the tours are taking place around Marjan hill since it’s very close and offers nice views. Also the route around Marjan is not too long and easy to do. It’s absolutely safe as you are going to paddle always close to the shore.

Water sports and adrenaline adventures

Snorkeling and soloing

If you would like to try some particular adventures, I propose you two activities that will enhance your holidays. 

  • Half Day Snorkeling Tour from Trogir and Split – Book and discover the breathtaking undersea world. Swim and snorkel with snorkeling equipment and learn everything from experienced snorkel guides.
  • Cliff jumping and deep water soloing in Split – If you like active holidays this trip is for you. Deep water soloing (DWS) is a discipline where the climber climbs from the sea level without any climbing gear except climbing shoes (provided). This adventure garanties  an adrenaline charge and great fun.

Panoramic Flights

This is a special tour to experience Split city and nearby islands from ‘bird’s eye’. It will be a memorable flight in a comfortable airplane, and after this adventure you’ll fall in love with Dalmatia even more.

Split Racing & Driving

For true lovers of nature and sports extremes, don’t miss this over 40 km of trails adapted for a variety of safari ride. Take things into their own hands through local roads, gravel roads, rivers, uplands and canyons. Stop at some of the many stunning locations in Dalmatian hinterland.

  • Unique adrenaline adventure with ATV vehicles.
  • Discover stunning locations in Dalmatian hinterland.
  • Beautiful and untouched nature and panoramic views over the river Cetina

More Split Outdoor adventures

Split outdoor activities

No one will be disappointed with some additional adrenaline activities if you so far haven’t found the right adventure you are looking for:

  1. Marjan Rock Climbing Tour from Split – If you are looking for a tour that will make your holidays memorable in Split you are on the right place.

  2. Hiking tour from Split to Amazing Mountain Mosor – Climb up to the beautiful mountain of Mosor and enjoy in the enchanting view.

  3. Day Trip from Split Horseback Riding in Sinj Area – This trip is only for  good riders. You will ride for 3 hours and then have a lunch. Taste traditional Dalmatian cuisine and just enjoy in the amazing surrounding of Cetina river.